In a light-filled loft in the centre of Dublin, a lady artist uses delicate shades and evocative abstract strokes to paint the corners of her city, wrapped in soft knits and comfy gauzed tweeds. In Japan, an ambitious, determined manager presents her new project in a multinational, her delicate facial features emphasised by clothes with minimal lines, borrowed from menswear but featuring layering and super-feminine details.

In the streets of Copenhagen, a lady writer walks past the large windows of the operatic theatre, towards the alleys that lead to the sea, following inspiration for her new novel, sheltering from the wind in a layered trench, over a soft bouclé knit sweater. In Vancouver, a lady photojournalist captures instants, sensations and moments from the life of the people she meets walking through the city. She wears a sporty mohair sweater and a warm suede puffer jacket. And finally, in London, a sophisticated lady gallerist spends her days at the docks in Brick Lane, viewing works by a new artist or lunching with an art journalist, chic and casual in her muslin shirt and corduroy trousers.

Following these refined cosmopolitan inspirations, the collection works modern weaves of colours, shapes and volumes. Three-dimensional layering that is the result of combining tweed and fur-effect fabrics with bouclé knits, in mohair and double goes beautifully with suede and patent effects. Practical yet fine textures and mixes of materials, suitable for both fast-moving city life and the comfort of leisure. The season’s must is a knitted parka with fringes.

Colours are evocative. Shades of grey mixed with white and cream team with pine, concrete and agate backgrounds. The formality of graphite, air force blue and date is softened by a dusty sky blue. The dusky hues of purple, brown, and marsala make way for loden green, chestnut and midnight blue. Fabiana Filippi elegance is fuelled by the special moments, personal memories, and daily emotions that every woman holds dear.