A warm Sunday of July in Spoleto, awaiting the final concert of the Festival, between timeless architecture of the atmospheres of the most radical Italian.

Spoleto, a city with truly ancient roots and an illustrious past in the story of Umbria, today it is a vibrant and proud city, aware of the immense greatness of its past, whilst sitting comfortably in a modern-day setting.

The Festival is the undisputed protagonist, the cultural event that has just completed its 60th edition. Conceived by master Gian Carlo Menotti, it celebrates latest trends in terms of opera, dance, music and theatre, renewing the sophisticated atmospheres of times gone by, every year.

Sponsored by Fabiana Filippi, the Festival confirms its original features and its international prestige. A historic meeting place among different cultures, it offers a showcase of excellence for the great artists and emerging artists and is the promoter of new creations.

We went to breathe in the vibes of Spoleto in Festival mode waiting for the Final Concert by Riccardo Muti. For the first time on the stage of Piazza Duomo, the Maestro directs the Final the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra, formed by young musicians selected by an international committee among instrumentalists from every Italian region. The city becomes even more beautiful, never ceasing to seduce along its streets, kissed by the warm summer light, lightened by the gentle breeze from the nearby hills.