The beauty of Italian architecture inspires Fabiana Filippi and leads her in a constant search for languages and harmonious lines.

The colours, the substance of immortal shapes, are a source of constant stimulation in the search for what is done well, from the most radical ‘made in Italy’. A well-defined cultural heritage, a natural charm that expresses itself in the quality of the creations and attention to details.

Seventeenth-century buildings, Roman bridges and theatres, orderly landscapes, a unique and inimitable synthesis. Eternal constructions become symbols of a certain language that alludes to the classic past, yet at the same time are an incentive for a vision of the future.

In this case the background is Spoleto, Umbria. A reality that pervades us and that is interpreted every day by our eyes, which becomes a game of shadows with strong geometric reminiscences. Rigorous structures revealed by light that become regular shapes and bring to mind paintings or graphic works.

A base to imagine and create beautiful and timeless products.