Among the chromatic expressions of the Spring/Summer 2017 season, the ‘Cape Cod Feelings’ is the mood inspired by the grandeur of the locations, of the scents related to the marine lifestyle, and of the freshness of the famous coastline in New England, USA. Small fishing villages, a wild and primordial nature where incredible beaches stand out. Ancient iconic lighthouses, mills, and vintage houses dot romantic paths in contact with nature in an atmosphere enriched by art and literature.

Represented by deep and definite hues ranging from bay blue to marine straw green to fern green, the ‘Cape Cod’ mood proposes a dynamic spring and summer characterized by classic and masculine materials, yet offered with an ultra-feminine interpretation in style. A romantic minimalism interprets timeless suede, like on the parka characterized by a particular drawstring neck, detail that further underlines the marine inspiration. The leather in this case is thin, a compact, highly resistant fibre despite its lightness.