Fabiana Filippi is also in the Dutch capital. In Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 122, the new elegant space was designed with all the distinctive elements of Fabiana Filippi’s shops. Designed, as usual, in Nicola Quadri’s studio.

The pre-existing 183sqm spread over two floors, have been completely renovated to create open spaces that are defined by a play of light and shadow, highlighted by the central staircase that acts as the main feature. Walls covered in boiserie panels and wood coffered ceiling, all in white, alternate with grey walls; while the floors are made of streaked oriental stone, also in grey colour.

The furniture, in line with the other stores belonging to the brand, is made of objects from the ‘50s of Scandinavian origin, combined with tailored-made brass elements. The seats have been chosen among some pieces designed by Carl Malmsten, one of the largest Swedish architects of the first half of last century, and are upholstered with a fabric made of exclusive: thick black linen.

Belonging to the same period, are the low tables designed by Kerstin Horlin-Holmquist, Swedish designer, who designed this series for Nordiska Kompaniet. In oval and round version, they come in walnut or mahogany and go perfectly with the seats’ simple and soft lines. Even the large lamps, that extend vertically, speak Swedish and more precisely the language of Hans-Agne Jakobsson, with his work characterized by precious brass.

As a backdrop, are the splendid brick buildings of Amsterdam, its charming streets and the romantic canals.