Coats and Jackets

Fabiana Filippi jackets and overcoats are designed to meet the demands of everyday looks, whatever the occasion. Easy mix and match collections, all abounding in classic and elegant designs and iconic lines.

Silk trench coat, walnut

Regular price: US$1,690.00


Now only: US$1,014.00

Linen jacket, nutmeg

Regular price: US$1,325.00


Now only: US$927.00

Suede leather vest, metal

Regular price: US$2,110.00


Now only: US$1,266.00

Linen and cotton bomber jacket, white

Regular price: US$1,205.00


Now only: US$843.00

Gauze bomber jacket with sequins, oats

Regular price: US$1,405.00


Now only: US$983.00

Silk jacket, aquamarine green

Regular price: US$1,555.00


Now only: US$1,088.00

Pinstripe jacket, black

Regular price: US$2,190.00


Now only: US$1,533.00

Technical taffeta down jacket, smoky grey

Regular price: US$1,055.00


Now only: US$633.00

Quilted vest, terracotta

Regular price: US$1,065.00


Now only: US$639.00

Wool twill micro parka jacket, water drop

Regular price: US$1,305.00


Now only: US$913.00

Cotton jacket, papaya

Regular price: US$1,205.00


Now only: US$843.00

Leather shirt jacket, light grey

Regular price: US$2,910.00


Now only: US$1,746.00

Organza jacket, nutmeg

Regular price: US$1,780.00


Now only: US$1,246.00

Wool and silk parka coat, mint and light grey

Regular price: US$2,960.00


Now only: US$1,776.00

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