Fabiana Filippi women's dresses feature contemporary designs that are the symbol of the most articulated Made in Italy craftsmanship. Renowned for their innate comfort, they are perfect for day wear outfits boasting a certain nonchalance.

Linen dress, white

Regular price: US$1,505.00


Now only: US$1,053.00

Linen dress, sunset

Regular price: US$1,175.00


Now only: US$822.00

Linen and cotton dress, white

Regular price: US$1,245.00


Now only: US$871.00

Cotton and linen dress with sequins, walnut and tea

Regular price: US$2,110.00


Now only: US$1,266.00

Cotton dress, marzipan

Regular price: US$1,115.00


Now only: US$780.00

Cotton dress, desert

Regular price: US$1,415.00


Now only: US$990.00

Viscose cady dress, willow green

Regular price: US$1,205.00


Now only: US$843.00

Sequin Dress

Regular price: US$1,910.00


Now only: US$1,146.00

Silk dress, oat milk

Regular price: US$1,155.00


Now only: US$808.00

Linen dress, sky blue

Regular price: US$925.00


Now only: US$647.00

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