Ultra-luxurious fabrics play an important part in Fabiana Filippi clothing. We strive to create beautiful garments, perfect for any occasion and fabulous to wear. What kind of fabric represents Fabiana Filippi casual luxury? Double-faced cashmere is undoubtedly one such fabric, symbolising the brand’s sophistication and elegance showcased in the 2018-19 Autumn Winter collection.

A luxurious double-faced fabric made of purest cashmere epitomises impeccable elegance. As the name suggests, this fabric has two faces which can be combined, in different colours too, and joined by a thread that is invisible on the outside.

The fabric undergoes a unique process and evoke the pure elements of artisan craftsmanship. It is split with a special blade and the two pieces are then folded over and sewn by hand to achieve the signature, seamless finish. Garments tailored in this Umbria-based tradition are showcased by timeless outer wear.

Cashmere redingote The term redingote is derived from the words “riding coat” because it was worn for horseback riding in 18th century England. A redingote is a flared overcoat with a fitted waist and rever collar. This trend has been interpreted with double-faced cashmere to create a must-have luxury garment. .