Silk dress, cocoa Silk dress, cocoa

Silk dress, cocoa

Viscose dress, laurel Viscose dress, laurel
Silk dress, floral print Silk dress, floral print
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Woven wool and cashmere dress, mauve

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Woven wool dress, grape

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Viscose dress, grape

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Velvet dress, arctic

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Woven wool and cashmere dress, grape

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Fabiana Filippi's dresses follow shapes and volumes that express the refined language of a relaxed, but always ultra-feminine elegance, models conceived from modern lines, symbol of the most sought-for productions of the real Made in Italy. Fabiana Filippi creates dresses in wool and cashmere with the best natural yarns and fabrics selected based on the composition purity. Practical wool jerseys in soft wool and mohair compositions, in precious silk, light cotton and available in particular combinations with timeless leather, result of constant research and innovation. A perfect balance of styles and craftsmanship to be always at ease and feel chic: timeless items that stand out for their linearity. Elegant women’s dresses, distinguished by innate comfort, interpreted to be worn with confidence in different moments of the day, suitable for minimal, sought-for and casual-chic looks, ideal for a work day as well as an elegant dinner. The union between feminine essence and everyday versatility redefines the language of elegance. Creations born from the most rooted and ancient Italian handicraft tradition applied to modern lines and shapes are the expression of relaxed, aware and timeless refinement.