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Fabiana Filippi's knitwear tells the origins of the brand, distinctive mark of an art rooted in the history of a territory which is the expression of the best craftsmanship tradition of the Made in Italy. Fabiana Filippi uses refined and precious natural yarns in her productions, such as cashmere, alpaca, mohair, merino, pure wool and cotton, selected according to the composition purity. Result of accurate experiment phases, they are combined to create original knit stitches and textures able to convey the elegance and comfort typical of the brand. Cashmere, traditional and precious yarn used by Fabiana Filippi, originates from a unique fibre, from fine-haired Capra Hircus goats, particularly appreciated for the softness and fineness, warm to the touch. Fabiana Filippi has developed a unique and exclusive version of this precious yarn, combining it with silk and merino wool to create the Platinum, a combination able to exalt the shine of silk and the warmth and softness of cashmere, key yarn used in knitwear. Elegant knits ranging from classic sweaters to original cloaks, exalted by modern and enveloping lines and enhanced by natural colours to confer sensations of warmth and softness on the skin. They are highly distinguishable and can be matched to the best everyday looks with refined essentiality.