Sottovoce Eleganza.

With inherent grace, Fabiana Filippi elevates everyday dressing via an aesthetic that is giving and precise, introspective and embracing.

An instinctive idea of femininity, which is honest, authentic, and deeply personal.  Fabiana Filippi speaks to refined, informed women who are able to dialogue with the world around them. Open to new realities, they are discreet. Women who don’t seek to be perfect but cultivate their own unique point of view. Independent spirits that love to play with contrasts and live in a balance of opposites, Umbria is the place of origin and where the brand’s aesthetic evolves, Strongly pervaded by the introverted spirit of its patrimonial heritage.

The nature of Umbria influences the choice of rich colours in discreet, elegant nuances, sober but profound and varied: pure hues, accented with touches of unexpected colours.


Fabiana Filippi was born in Giano dell’Umbria in 1985 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the family Filippi Coccetta, who remain at the helm of the company.

Knitwear immediately became a key reference for the brand, which offers elevated, elegant interpretations with a contemporary appeal that aims to remain timeless. The result is a collection that season after season couples the most sophisticated artisanal know-how with an insightful vision of the global market, a creative paradigm which translates authentic, instinctive femininity and is characterized by introspective inflections and subtle romanticism. 

Gradually, always conserving a specific focus on the brand’s values and aesthetic codes, in the early 2000’s Fabiana Filippo grew its offering, proposing a complete wardrobe, aimed to easily adapt to the different needs of everyday life.  Adding a layer to the evolutionary process, in 2023 the Italian company entrusted the Creative Direction of the collection to Lucia De Vito.

Through an on-going dialogue between fashion, art and design, the Creative Director evolves and amplifies the brand’s lexicon of references, in the spirit of continuity and consistency with the DNA of the brand, opening to new stimuli, inspirations and new, culturally relevant refences.High quality materials, essential, sophisticated design and an enduring attention to detail form the foundation of Fabiana Filippi’s collections, currently present in over 60 countries, via a wholesale network of over 700 stores worldwide, including department stores and exclusive boutiques.

The brand is also sustained by a solid and prestigious network of their own stores in some of the most important international luxury destinations, including the flagship store in Milan designed by Patricia Urquiola.


In line with the entrepreneurial vision of Fabiana Filippi, whose target audience embraces an idea of discreet luxury that is authentic and never excessive, for over 10 years the company has closely followed guidelines on sustainable, conscious practices that help all areas of the organization.

Out of respect for the brand’s territory of origin, whose natural beauty has always inspired the collections, since the nineties Filippi has invested in knitwear machines that help to reduce energy consumption and waste.

Since 2012, Fabiana Filippi has put into a place a program that helps save energy that includes installing solar panels and adopting processes which optimize energy resources. Furthermore, since 2014, packaging, hangars and labels are all made from recycled materials. In 2022 the company was able to produce 42% of its offering in organic, upcycled and certified materials.

Fabiana Filippi complies with the national program that evaluates environmental impact and in 2021 launched a funding project to support production facilities in Umbria, with the aim of promoting guidance on sustainable local practices