The beautiful village of Spello is the epitome of Umbrian style. It stands atop the slopes of Mount Subasio, near to the famous city of Assisi, but in spite of its mountainous location, it is comfortably within reach and accessible. A lively and ritzy town, with a symbolic architecture that spans the centuries.

Founded by the ancient people of the Umbrians and called Hispellum in Roman times, Julius Caesar referred to it as the Splendidissima Colonia Julia (or “Magnificent Julian Colony”). Under Roman rule, it enjoyed a time of immense splendour, as witnessed by the archaeological remains and the well preserved city walls, which were once much more extended than what we see today.

Destroyed by the barbarians, who reduced it to smithereens, under the Lombards and Franks it became part of the Duchy of Spoleto, to then fall under the dominion of the papacy. Spello, proud and mindful of the prosperity it enjoyed during the time of the Roman Empire, soon became a free commune that independently established its own laws. Later, in 1516, it was enfeoffed by the Pope to the Baglioni family from Perugia, to whom it belonged until 1648.The surrounding typical Umbrian landscapes are covered by ordered olive groves and its narrow streets are full of flowers, as if to remind us of the most emblematic event that takes place in Spello each year, between May and June, the “Infiorata” of the Corpus Domini.

Plants and flowers embrace and decorate magnificent buildings built with the typical pink stone of Subasio that fills the village with magic at every sunset.The local pink limestone is also the main architectural element of the iconic Towers of Properzio, one of the masterpieces that visitors can admire in the city. The two medieval towers, with twelve sides on the outside and cylindrically shaped on the inside, and with arched windows on alternate sides, stand just outside Porta Venere, a monumental gateway believed to be of Etruscan origin and that lies very close to Porta Palatina in Turin.

The iconic and timeless architecture is interwoven with a gentle nature, a bond that adds harmony to the soul of Spello, a perfect synthesis of the lifestyle of this part of Italy.