The latest arrivals feature new expressions of colour, born from the sensations of places, perfumes and desires specific to the season. All themes share a common denominator: colour, the new message in the world of style, in a successful celebration of form and matter. Determined colours with a strong personality, such as “Citrine Aroma”, a starting palette of greys and whites, mixed with the new vitamin-inspired shades of citron and sorbet. Proposals making for a fresh and effortlessly communicative start to the season, set apart by the alternation of colourful shapes and a dynamic labyrinth of textures.

Colour is applied, for instance, to a knitted sweater in Cashmere light, a pure fabric distinguished by its ultra-light wearability and tight stitch appearance, creating a delicate yet at the same time compact feel. Featuring either lurex strips along the bottom seam or a “Block colour” effect - combined with a lightweight cotton – the garment plays on the alternation of well-defined shades to enhance the impact of colour and facilitate pairing.