Autumn Winter 2016-17 gets filled with garments made with precious natural yarn: wool, alpaca, mohair, and cashmere, combined to create original knitting stitches and texture.

The best wool classified according to fineness, length, colour, and shine has been employed to create the yarn that composes both the knitted and woven fabrics for coats and jackets. Delicate use of the fine merino wool from Australia, very curly and thin, it is particularly precious and naturally elastic.

Wool such as cashmere is the protagonist in the creation of coats, garments that take new shapes in the season, they get decorated with macro geometric elements in shearling and offer to be manteau or robe de chambre.

Long and sensual but at the same time linear and inspired by male clothing. Particularly iconic is the Bouclè fabric, born from the combination of the finest merino wool, superkid mohair, and baby alpaca. Kid mohair is wool produced from the Angora goat: a precious fibre characterized by a shiny, smooth, soft, and strong surface.

The other fibres of the Bouclè give it elasticity, resistance, and high comfort, and thanks to the presence of the alpaca wool, this yarn ensures high thermal insulation.