The Calanques Rivage theme, that elegance typical of Côte d'Azur, where the natural shades of the deep blues and sand dialogue with the classic Black and White, has inspired the trend reminiscent of the 90s. A minimalist attitude, casual, street, and vaguely masculine, reminiscent of edgy, tumultuous years, a millennium watershed. The music was techno, the hair either short or very long, no half-measures. Years as sharp as the shapes that came out of the pencils of the designers of the time.

A theme, an inspiration, interpreted by Fabiana Filippi essentially with two materials: technical cotton and the new Nappa leather with a silky and natural feel, to guarantee maximum lightness and resistance to wear at the same time. The technical cotton in particular is a fabric added to the collection to have a new look for the outwear. Cottony to the touch, yet technical, a versatile material that has allowed the realization of both snug and loose volumes. Like this turtleneck jacket with a comfortable line, characterized by the drawstring neck.