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Fabiana Filippi's gloves and hats are conceived to embellish any daily look and are easy to match. The collections are rich of models characterised by classic elegance and iconic lines that stand out over time. Gloves in cashmere, wool, leather, elegant women's hats, wool and felt hats are ideal to embellish everyday looks and the most special occasions with an ultra-feminine touch. Precious materials, fabrics and leathers characterising the winter and summer collections are used to maintain the accessory impeccable over time. High-couture yarns embellished with unique and original details that render Fabiana Filippi’s accessories, real "must-have" items. A perfect balance of styles to be always at ease and feel chic. The union between feminine essence and everyday versatility redefines the language of elegance. Creations born from the most rooted and ancient Italian handicraft tradition applied to modern lines and shapes are the expression of relaxed, aware and timeless refinement.