A charming natural scenery interpreted by Erika Boldrin and a contrasted urban space in New York with Linda Tol as the protagonist frame the refined simplicity of the Spring Summer 2019 collection.

Erika Boldrin moves in a charming and calm natural scenery on the shore of a body of water interpreting the lightness of the spring summer collection.

Fabrics that caress the body with asymmetrical lines, experimenting with silhouettes, between barely outlined shapes and sculptural geometric shapes.

Modern volumes for a couture that conveys luxurious naturalness that combine tuxedo or double-breasted jackets in organza with loose-fit pants.

Linda Tol moves in the urban setting par excellence, New York, with innovative and versatile materials designed for hyper-contemporary outerwear.

Like the technical fabric in crackle lamina print – practical and lightweight – or the crumple-effect technical material for a new concept of everyday elegance.